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8/13/12 by Prinzy2
Updated 12/13/12

Basically a personal reference as I'm helping to spearhead the reinvention of the bar I work at.

Original Party Rocker Cocktail/Shooter

Sour Puss Rasberry
Melon Liqueur
Lime Mix

Reinvented Party Rocker

Absolut Rasberri
Midori Melon Liqueur
Sour Mix
White Cranberry Cocktail?

New cocktail that needs a name
Absolut Rasberri
Absolut Citron
Blue Curacao
Lemon Wedges
White Cranberry Cocktail

Something that was a total random but ended up being a winner
Apple Sour Puss
Lime mix
Cranberry Juice

2012 - A contemporary classic
Silver Spiced Rum
Angostura Bitters
Cranberry Juice


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Just tried Rasberry/Apple Sour Puss/Lime mix/Cranberry Juice/Soda. Pretty yummy!



Mixing lime and cherry with vodka will send you skyhigh. I tend to avoid any weird naming cocktail because they usually taste weird anyway.

ill take a whiskey sour

delicious apples